Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages. This privacy policy helps you (users) understand what information we collect, reasons and how we use it to build the services you use.

By using our services, you share personal information with us. Therefore, we want you to know how we will store and use the information you share in order to maintain your privacy.

Information collected. We collect your information in order to provide better services, for example from where to access services, e-mail addresses, information that you consume, and other information. There are two kinds of information that we collect, namely:
Information that you provide directly and indirectly, including your account information. We use third-party authentication, namely Google Accounts and Facebook Accounts, so we will collect account related information that is shared by service providers, of course with your agreement, including name, e-mail address, gender, photo, and userID.
Information recorded when you use the Service. As long as you use the Service, we will record information about your activities, whether directly or using third-party services, such as topics that are read, interactions, feedback and content that you share.

Device-related information: we record device-related information that you use to access our services, namely unique devide identification, hardware model, operating system version, network operator, and possibly telephone number.

Log information (event log): When you access our Services, our service server will record information related to your access, including IP address (Internet Protocol), operating system, browser or application interface to access and its version, device events (crashed information, hardware, language settings, referral url, date and time, cookie identification, and target url.

Location information (with GPS technology or Cell Assisted GPS): When accessing the Service takes place, we record the actual information of your location through access available in the operating system of the device you are using.

Local storage: To facilitate access and speed up response, we may access and store information to local device storage (device) with a web storage browser mechanism (HTML5) and application data caches.

Similar cookies and technology: we and our partners will use a variety of technologies, including cookies and similar technologies to record and collect information as you use the Service.

The information collected and information we get from our partners, may be associated with your account, and will be treated as your personal information.

With the information collected and the results of its analysis, we use it to manage, improve and maintain our services, for example providing contextual information services and product offerings and commercial advertisements based on your consumption patterns, location and other specific information; improve UX (user experience) services; or monitor the performance of the content / information presented.

You can turn on the option to prevent the browser from storing and storing identification through cookies or similar technologies, including cookies from our Services, this will make most features of the Service unable to function.

Updating of your personal data. During using our services, we will always endeavor to provide access, so that you can make corrections and update personal data when necessary. However, we may reject requests for excessive updating.
For security reasons (avoiding accidental accidental deletions) and / or related legal cases, we will keep a copy of the personal information requested to be deleted. This copy will be kept for as long as necessary.

We will not share your personal information with other parties outside us, whether individuals, organizations, or other commercial legal entities, except:
With your knowledge and permission. When doing so, we implement an op-in mechanism to capture your agreement.
With our affiliated parties or trusted partners to carry out external processing and analysis of our internal business processes.
For law enforcement reasons. We will provide access to your personal / personal information to institutions or organizations, to fulfill law enforcement processes, litigation proceedings and legitimate requests by law from the government.

we may share non-personally identifiable information publicly or with third parties, information production partners or commercial partners.
For notification or commercial purposes, we may send messages or information that is of an announcement, notification, offer, promotion and / or other commercial material to you, including information about changes in Service features and security adjustments.

About the security of personal information / personal. To protect the personal information contained in us, we will give our best effort to prevent unauthorized alteration access and alteration or disclosure of that information. As an effort, we implement our Service encryption with SSL, we use authentication services from partners with the best technology, implement access and routinely review access procedures for our storage and computing facilities.

If you need help related to our use, send an email to